A quick word about CNP


Comprehensive Neuromuscular Preparation (CNP) is a fully customized, interdisciplinary process that strategically enhances the performance of the neuromuscular system. It is an assessment and exercise progression that develops the strength, flexibility, and control the client needs to be, feel, and perform at their best. Exercise scientists have shown that achieving the benefits of exercise depends on specific changes in the neuromuscular system. Without these changes, exercise is a frustrating and often futile endeavor. So my colleagues and I from around the country scoured the literature to find the best ways to stimulate the necessary changes in the neuromuscular system. Our examination of the literature and years of investigation led to the development of CMP. It is at the core of the programs that I design to help my clients get what they want from their body and mind. The FNS series addresses the theories, research, investigation, and application of each of CNP’s elements.

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