What our colleagues say about the FNS series

“Very valuable information that I don’t know how one would obtain otherwise. [The course provided] perspectives and discussions that will let me better serve/help my clients with the tools I already have.”

“The information was interesting and applicable to my practice. I was impressed with the balance and stimulating mixture of knowledge and practical application. I learned cutting edge information in neurophysiology and neurochemistry delivered in a unique educational setting. I highly recommend the courses for any professional implementing exercise in a variety of environments. Put it on your “must do” continuing education list.”
— Greg Mack, Columbus, OH

“…Force and the Nervous System offers possibly the greatest direction of thought I have had to date. It has enabled me to question everything I previously believed to be true and placed it into renewed questioning. With these further questions, I have become a traveler of nervous system worm holes not only its relation to force, but all other actions within it. My appreciation is beyond what he can be paid.”
— Rich Rife, Indianapolis, IND

“It is not often that you encounter a person with the honesty and integrity of Jacques Taylor. The first time I met Jacques, I was taking Force and the Nervous System (FNS). I had no idea what to expect, but the description of the course seemed interesting. Not only was the FNS course interesting and thought provoking beyond my expectations, the course work presented is scientifically based. I have now taken FNS 3 times and each time I get something different out of it. It is such a good course that I helped Jacques arrange to bring it to NYC. So if you are a trainer, massage therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, yoga instructor, pilates instructor or body worker; you owe it to yourself to take what I think is one of the most useful, courses in your field.”
— Chris Hall, New York, NY

“Jacques did a great job and is an outstanding professional. Presented in a very clear and understandable form.”

“This course helped provide answers to so many questions but better yet, provided a platform constructing so many more in the pursuit of furthering my knowledge for myself and my clients.”

“As always, when I come out of a great course, it has left me with more questions that I look forward to exploring.”

“The FNS course dives into the subtle yet important details of how applying force (resistance training) will effect the body – physically and mentally.”
“Traditionally, the education paradigm [I] have been exposed to is very black and white. FNS really shares the data and lets the class interpret and apply it to their own tools. It was beautiful. FNS is a must.”

“Fantastic job. Your commitment to this stuff is beautiful. All fitness related folk could benefit from this information.”

“I’m just very grateful for all the things FNS is helping me see. Today it helped me home in on what I’d like to be a guiding principle of the way I work with people: ease. Making change as easy as it can possibly be, because if it needs to be hard it will be hard enough by itself without us making it any more difficult.”

“I admire Jacques’ ability to take information that is so complex and scary and make it accessible to me so that I can help my clients.”

“Mind expanding and challenging. Especially challenging pre-conceived notions.”